Amanda Pirani

Amanda Pirani

Amanda was a newsroom intern with the New Hampshire Bulletin. She previously worked as a news editor for The New Hampshire, the University of New Hampshire’s student-run newspaper. While there, she reported on campus affairs, politics, and public health. A New Hampshire native, Amanda has learned to appreciate the unique political culture of her home state and brings experience from political campaigns. She plans to continue her degree in political science as a rising junior at the University of Michigan.

Study finds that local roots of state legislators are weakening 

By: - August 15, 2023

A new study published in the New England Journal of Political Science finds that newer generations of New Hampshire legislators were less likely during the last decade to bring in local experience, like participation in civic groups or local government, to the state Legislature. It highlights a “general picture of decline in prior activity among […]

As Trump visits New Hampshire, supporters cheer an ally on ‘parental rights’

By: - August 10, 2023

New Hampshire Republicans who turned out to support former President Donald Trump in Windham on Tuesday made it clear that “parental rights” will be a top concern heading into next year’s Republican primary.   Held at Windham High School, the event marked Trump’s first campaign rally in New Hampshire since last week’s indictment by the Department […]

Climate change is hurting NH farmers. Climate resiliency offers a path forward. 

By: - August 3, 2023

New Hampshire farmers like Danny Hicks have faced one hit after another due to abnormal weather this growing season.  Hicks, who owns Sunnycrest Farm in Londonderry, said a February cold snap took out most of the farm’s stone fruit, including summer favorites like peaches, cherries, and plums. Then, to make matters worse, May saw a […]

How New Hampshire’s trail workers make hiking possible 

By: - July 31, 2023

This summer, millions of tourists will make their mark on the thousands of miles of trails New Hampshire has to offer. What they may not know is that hundreds of mostly volunteer trail workers around the state make their hiking adventures possible.  “There are so many different organizations that help with trails and trail maintenance […]

Extreme weather adds to concern over NH dam safety

By: - July 26, 2023

Experts predict an increase in extreme precipitation events through the next century, bringing new emphasis to the importance of dam safety in New Hampshire.  The state has about 176 dams that in the case of failure risk the probable loss of human life and significant property damage. Repairs are set to begin this year on […]

Experts predict more severe heat in NH. Where does that leave vulnerable populations? 

By: - July 24, 2023

As 90-degree summer heat hangs over Manchester, residents do their best to stay cool. In one window, a fleece red-and-white holiday blanket hangs to block out the sun. In another, socks are crammed into the window gaps to prevent any AC air from leaking out.  On the west side, Dupont Splash Pad is a popular […]

Lawmakers pass bill to address abandoned fishing gear, with limitations

By: - July 14, 2023

New Hampshire’s marine wildlife may soon be rescued from “ghost gear” haunting coastal waters, thanks to a bill passed by the Legislature last month. But it won’t be by individuals working on their own to find and remove abandoned gear this summer, as some House members had hoped.  The version of House Bill 442 that […]

New data shows hunger is a ‘really big issue’ for LGBTQ+ people in state, region 

By: - July 13, 2023

One population of Granite Staters experiences “severe” food insecurity and insufficiency, according to experts – but their invisibility means that few efforts exist to help them.  In New Hampshire, the most recent data from the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy reveals 29 percent of LGBTQ+ individuals face food insecurity, […]

Electric vehicle charging is an obstacle for NH renters and landlords 

By: - June 30, 2023

When Kris Schultz and her husband finally decided to replace their 20-year old car, they opted to go green. In searching for a used vehicle that was both UAW-made and electric, one car fit the bill: a 2017 Ford Fusion.  “I was very excited because the price was right,” Schultz said.  However, Schultz and her […]

An empty jail cell

Is parole working in NH? Stakeholders to look deeper at the system

By: - June 23, 2023

In 2017, more than half of those incarcerated in New Hampshire’s prisons were there because of a violation of probation or parole. That’s according to the most recent data from the Council of Governments, which showed that prison admissions in the Granite State for supervision violations were 15 percent above the national average.   The state’s […]

Lawmakers to take up legislation that would eliminate ‘gay panic’ legal defense

By: - June 20, 2023

This story was updated on June 20 at 11:01 a.m. to clarify that House Bill 315 would not impact self-defense in New Hampshire and applies only in the context of provocation.  House and Senate lawmakers this week will negotiate House Bill 315, which would eliminate what has been called the “gay panic defense.” The bill […]

Where to celebrate Juneteenth in New Hampshire this year

By: - June 16, 2023

According to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Juneteenth officially became a federal holiday in June of 2021 but was celebrated by people across the United States long before then. The celebration commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. Two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation was […]