Elizabeth Corell

Elizabeth Corell

Elizabeth "Zib" Corell lives in Concord and serves on the board of the N.H. Women’s Foundation.

Gov. Chris Sununu stands outside in front of an American flag

Commentary: Sununu is no moderate

By: - December 20, 2021

Gov. Chris Sununu is no moderate. Three areas proving this are energy effects on climate change, support of public schools, and reproductive rights of women. When the United States joined much of the rest of the world in Glasgow to commit to serious reduction of carbon emissions, we all learned the necessity of actions starting […]

A person in a hospital bed receives a pill from a medical worker

Commentary: When the unexpected happens

By: - November 8, 2021

One day I was at work, and the next my world was upended when we found out my husband didn’t just have a headache, he had a brain tumor. There is simply no way to plan for such unexpected situations. When a health crisis happens, we drop everything to be with that family member who […]