Muriel S. Robinette

Muriel S. Robinette

Muriel Robinette’s scientific career has spanned four decades from coast to coast in the United States, including time spent in academia, government, and private consulting. She now practices part time as a senior consultant at CALEX Environmental, LLC, an environmental and compliance consulting company in Colebook. Muriel’s consulting specialty is in forensic hydrogeology, which she practices in many states around the U.S. She is a licensed geologist in several states and currently services on the N.H. Professional Geology Licensing Board.

A sign protesting the proposed landfill, with forest lake in the background

Would legislation make it ‘virtually impossible’ to site a landfill in New Hampshire?

By: - July 25, 2022

The vast majority of land in New Hampshire is hydrogeologically suitable for landfill siting because it lies over the type of soils that transmit groundwater slowly toward our nearby lakes and rivers. House Bill 1454 is a problem only for developers who attempt to site a landfill in sand and gravel formations that transmit groundwater […]