Sindiso Mnisi Weeks

Sindiso Mnisi Weeks

Dr. Sindiso Mnisi Weeks is a law professor specializing in human security with appointments at University of Massachusetts, University of Cape Town, and UNH School of Law. She lives in Nashua with her husband and three kids.


How to account for the human cost of climate change

By: and - December 5, 2023

Our children have a rambunctious streak. When their seemingly endless energy exceeds their not-so-endless judgment, things tend to break or get damaged. As parents, our job is to help them understand that actions have consequences. When one of them damages the family ukulele or kicks a soccer ball through the window, they must do two […]


Serena Williams: The power, and danger, of a single story

By: and - September 15, 2022

Earlier this month, we joined with millions of other sports fans in watching Serena Williams play the final match of her dazzling tennis career at the U.S. Open. We ooh’d and ahh’d as she served up 11 aces to her opponent’s three, adding to her record stockpile of 4,131 aces since 2008 alone. We cowered […]

Students of color in a classroom

Commentary: Commissioner Edelblut, please don’t whitewash history at our children’s expense

By: and - February 22, 2022

This month, the New Hampshire Department of Education under Commissioner Frank Edelblut released four 3-minute videos which, it claimed, “provide a robust and complete story of American history and the Black American experience.” The taxpayer-funded videos were created in partnership with “1776 Unites,” a collection of essays in the conservative Washington Examiner whose stated goal […]

A view of Earth from the observatory

Commentary: It’s never too late, or too soon, to do the right thing

By: and - November 12, 2021

“Never give in charity what is owed in justice.” – Pope John XXIII We Americans are a generous people. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, we gave over $300 billion to charity as individuals in 2020. That’s nearly 2 percent of our nation’s GDP. And we are not just generous with our treasure: nearly one in […]

Hands holding on to prison bars

Commentary: Does systemic racism exist in New Hampshire?

By: and - June 2, 2021

According to Republican leaders in Concord, systemic racism does not exist in New Hampshire and talk of it should be banned in our schools, state agencies, and private entities that contract with the state. Even Gov. Chris Sununu, who has pledged to veto the so-called “divisive concepts” language now in the state budget, recently denounced the term “systemic […]