Tyler Pare

Tyler Pare

Tyler Pare, a New Hampshire native and ardent supporter of civic education, teaches history for the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District in Hollis.


New Hampshire gets primaried

By: - November 7, 2023

New Hampshire consistently ranks among the least religious states in America. A 2016 Pew Research Center poll indicated that 33 percent of New Hampshire’s adults identify as highly religious. This low percentage makes it seem as if a majority of New Hampshirites do not share any sacred predilections. While this argument can be made from […]


The politics of public education

By: - October 11, 2023

In both its form and function, public education is inherently political. In its form, public education emulates the principles of self-government in the way school boards are elected and how tax revenue is appropriated. Public school districts have open school board meetings where community members can comment on curricula being taught. Sometimes these aspects of […]


A renewal of civil service to build national community

By: - June 12, 2023

An uneasiness about the future of the United States grips most Americans. Over 70 percent agree that the nation is headed in the wrong direction. There is a litany of reasons for this unease, but chiefly it can be attributed to the collapse of several traditional pillars that historically bolstered national confidence during turbulent and […]

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

Data, data everywhere, not a civic habit to be developed

By: - May 15, 2023

Data. A word synonymous with informed and sound decision-making. Seemingly every reputable organization leans on carefully curated datasets to inform their minor and major decisions. Whether it is a venture capitalist assessing market risks, a tech company launching a new app, or a marketing firm identifying a target demographic, data is the new modality by […]


Raise your hand if you have questions about constitutional rights for conscious AI

By: - May 2, 2023

When most people interact with a generative artificial intelligence for the first time, they quickly go from amazement to a sense of uneasiness. This uneasiness usually stems from the realization that an algorithm can do many of the things we once thought only humans could do.  After this uneasiness sets in, the next thing people […]


AI’s arrival in education comes at an unfortunate time for students

By: - April 13, 2023

There is no shortage of articles about the benefits, concerns, and opportunities that artificial intelligence, or AI, presents to the future of civilization. Just perform a simple Google search or soon ask Bard to examine the vast array of articles and studies detailing how AI might impact the future of any given subject. After examining […]