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Solar panels on a building roof with a cupola

Essential information about energy usage in the state is elusive, and that’s a costly problem

BY: - May 27, 2021

When April Salas set out to acquire information about energy usage in Hanover, she was in for an uphill battle. Salas is the sustainability director of the town, population 11,500, which has the resources to consider such a project. In 2018, Hanover decided to put together a program that would allow it to procure green […]

State house dome

Sununu vetoes bill banning jet skis near coastal marshlands

BY: - May 25, 2021

On Tuesday, Gov. Chris Sununu issued his first veto of the session – shooting down House Bill 184, which would have banned jet skis within 300 feet of marshlands at the Rye estuary and the New Castle back channel. In his veto message, Sununu said the protection was unnecessary because the area does not experience […]

Fred Anderson looks out at Forest Lake

How a landfill proposal divided a community and launched a statewide environmental debate

BY: - May 21, 2021

When Fred Anderson started coming to Forest Lake in 1977, there was no running water at the little cabin where he and his family stayed. That wasn’t a problem because the family could drink the water from the lake. And until 2004, that’s what they did. So in 2019, when Anderson learned that Casella Waste […]

Farmland with a tractor in the background

Much to farmers’ dismay, sweet corn among bear necessities

BY: - May 20, 2021

Kristen May is anxious about bears, and she’s not alone. Along with her father, Howard Hatch, she farms 200 acres in North Haverhill. It’s a dairy operation, and the family farm also grows corn used for feed. They have a dairy stand that attracts visitors who come to eat ice cream. But over the years, […]

New Hampshire state house

Lawmakers work on details of proposed Department of Energy

BY: - May 18, 2021

On Monday, the Senate Finance Committee continued hammering out a proposal to create a new Department of Energy, adding positions to the Public Utilities Commission, and clarifying the so-called firewall between the utilities commission and the proposed department. State Budget Director Matt Mailloux presented an amendment to the panel to add attorney and clerk positions […]

Liberty Utilities angles for 20-year natural gas contract

BY: - May 17, 2021

Last year, Liberty Utilities withdrew what had turned into a very contentious proposal to construct a large, expensive pipeline called the Granite Bridge Project. Critics said it was too big, too expensive, and that it would harm the environment. It led to protests and drew fierce opposition from climate-change activists who oppose building new fossil […]

An electricity meter on the side of a house.

Senate approves net metering increase for municipalities, adding it to community power bill  

BY: - May 13, 2021

On Thursday, the Senate approved an increase in how much municipalities are allowed to net meter, moving the cap from the current limit of 1 megawatt up to 5 megawatts. Lawmakers have been pushing for this increase for years with the backing of environmental and clean-energy advocates, but previous attempts to increase the cap have […]

State house dome

Lawmakers debate statute of limitations for PFAS-related health problems

BY: - May 12, 2021

Lawmakers and advocates discussed what an appropriate statute of limitations would be when it comes to PFAS-related health problems during a hearing Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Rep. Bob Healey of Merrimack and other local elected officials spoke about the effect of PFAS on their community. Contamination has been found in the air, soil, […]

An offshore wind development

Commentary: New Hampshire should embrace an offshore wind future

BY: and - May 7, 2021

Last month’s celebration of Earth Day provided an opportunity to reflect upon how to build a stronger economic future for New Hampshire’s citizens based on a clean-energy future. The solutions to the crises of mass unemployment and economic inequality can play a key role in protecting New Hampshire communities from the threat of rising seas, […]

Chicken of the woods

Mushroom foragers know how easy it is to make a mistake, and that’s why they’re pushing for licensing

BY: - May 6, 2021

Eric Milligan knows a toxic mushroom when he sees one. For the past eight years, he’s cultivated edible mushrooms on his Tamworth farm. And when he’s not farming, he’s out in the woods, foraging wild varieties in the surrounding mountains. On a good year with enough rain, Milligan can bring in up to 700 pounds […]

Power lines with trees in the background

Executive Council approves Goldner for utilities commission

BY: - May 5, 2021

Daniel Goldner will join the Public Utilities Commission as its newest commissioner after a 4-1 Executive Council vote Wednesday confirming his nomination. Councilor Cinde Warmington opposed the nomination, citing Goldner’s lack of relevant experience and knowledge. Goldner has worked at Texas Instruments, a company that makes semiconductors, for the past 33 years. “When I questioned […]

A river and rocks

Environmental groups oppose ‘divisive concepts’ bill

BY: - May 3, 2021

Twelve environmental groups have written a letter to Gov. Chris Sununu opposing a controversial proposal to prohibit “divisive concepts” from being taught in New Hampshire schools. House Bill 544 – which has been included in the state budget – would also restrict state contracts, grants, and training programs. Leaders from environmental organizations say the proposal […]